Little pair to adopt

Mila 7 years old female\ white. sterilised.

Monty 10 years old chocolate, male

Must home together, in separable.

Both friendlMila and Monty (3)y happy litttle dogs. Monty is almost blind

Sweet little maltese

3 years old and a quiet, well mannered companion. Basic obedience training and wants a home with a mum or dad home to love her.

Adoption call 0457671165Mila (2)

Bondy aka Milo….

Bondi (3) - Copy Bondi (12) - CopyDelightful Bull Arab x Boxer. 2 years old, good dog with a lovely nature. Gets along with everyone.

Sterilised vaccinated chipped. $190

Pair of Great Danes

IMG_20160402_094004IMG_20160402_094309IMG_20160402_094408 Available to adopt soon. These have been loved dogs. Sadly they have lost weight, but are putting it on daily. 1 male 1 female to home together, black 6 and 3 respectively. Male sterilised. Both chipped vacc’d health checked.  fee 600 pair

Rusty and Rosie

These two are mates and would like a home together. Gold Labrador male 3 years Jack russel female 5yrs. Looking for a home soon. Please enquire via telephone only. 0457671165
Rusty and Rosie (2) Rusty and Rosie (4)


Kelpi x female to adopt.
7 years old, this girl has plenty of energy. She is alert, and will certainly warn you if there is someone lurking about. Eager to please, she would suit an older couple or family.
Anita has basic obedience training and is undergoing more. She will sit, walks on her lead and comes when called.
She would be best in an only dog hmeor with a dog the same size as she is.
Health checked vaccinated sterilised micro’ etc. fee 190
6 8

Palm Sunday

Have a good day.
palm palm dog

Kelpi-I have found a new home!

buster1 buster4From good bloodlines, this Red Cloud kelpi x male is 7 months old. Very solid, keen and typical submissive and alert kelpi nature. Father has won many trials and is Red cloud, Mother is Red cloud/hunterway. He has not been worked. Would easily take it up from another dog. Micro’d vaccinated wormed. Call us today to view. fee 200.


A real sweetie this is Ally, a shy and gentle kelpi x bred female aged 3 years. She has basic obedience training and would suit a peaceful home with a loving family. In care atm and needing a permanent home VACC’D



1.5 year old Amstaff/Pit.
He is still a bit pushy, but responds well to a confident handler.
He will sit, walks alright on his lead and gets on with most other dogs but not all of them.
Happy disposition and a great mate.
Only to a secure long-term home.
Health checked vacc’d wormed bathed micro/vd
LOCATED BUNBURY AREA feeIMG_20160313_121958 IMG_20160313_122037 150


Available to adopt soon.
A senior border/hunterway,kelpi
This fella is gorgeous. A real treasure whose family could no longer keep him.
Intelligent and faithful with good manners and lots of love to give.
He is vet checked vaccinated wormed deflead and sterilised, micro’d fee 250


Out going and happy boy who would suit an older family or couple.
Good natured with basic obedience training, but is a VID [very important dog] in his own mind!

Boo is a llhasa maltese 3 year old.
Used to being both inside and outdoors. A no fuss little fellow.
He is sterilised vaccinated wormed micro’d. Bigger like the Llhasa , white $300

Telephone calls only please. No messages/emails



download (1)


This lovely 2 year old boy was saved from destruction. He is now looking for a new home URGENTLY, as we are a dog only kennel.
He will come sterilised, micro’d vacc’d etc
12825184_864795693666835_1962974893_n IMG_20160311_162101


Sweet natured Bull Arab x girl. Sterilised, vaccinated wormed micro’d

Basic obedience training. Quiet disposition. Alright with most other dogs.

Good with people.

Domino will be available to adopt soon to the right home. She likes daily company, not full-time workers.

Call for details


Happy, people friendly girl available to adopt soon.
Storm is knee high and a Staffy x Ridbeback 3 year old.
She has good manners, adores her family and is alot of fun to have around. She has been a much loved pet and would need an attentive home. Good with most, but not all other dogs. Adopt 180

109 - Copy 111 - Copy


Rosie will be available to adopt soon.

She is a 1.5 year old American Bulldog/Amstaff x

Rosie has been raised with a family and gets on with most other dogs.

She is undergoing basic obedience training and doing well.

Health checked vaccinated wormed, bathed and vouchered/mcIMG_20160303_133827 IMG_20160303_133742
 FEE 180.

Zoe has found a new home Thanks everyone.


TROOPER has found a new home.

This is a bonza dog. He is smart, faithful and a real mate. Used to a working life he would easily settle onto a rural property and help around the farm. Trooper is 4 years old, obedient, sensible and sociala with most other dogs. He is affectionate, but happy to have his own space. He is good with all ages of people.
With a little time he would adjust to an active home.
IMG_20160223_091624 IMG_20160223_091238
Trooper is health checked, vaccinated wormed bathed deflead. He was a VERY neglected dog on arrival and is still a ‘baldy’ in patches. Well and truly on the mend and looking forward to a new and better life. fee 160


Poor Angie came from an abusive home along with her sister Lil.

Despite this she has not lost her faith in humans and although still timid, is desperate for affection and tries hard to make friends. A gentle dog suited to a stay at home person with time for her.

Angie is 10 months old and a greyhound/deerhound x Fee $160IMG_20160223_085749

Lillith. She has a new home Thanks

Lillith has blossomed and is less timid and trying really hard to be friends. Gaining confidence, she is gentle and quiet natured and learning fast. Suited to a quiet home with time to spend with her.

Rescue Dog

This is a very kind, timid girl. She and her sister  are available to adopt. Only 10 months old and a greyhound/deerhound x

She has been mistreated, yelled at, underfed and kept in dirty conditions. Despite all this, she has trust and faith in people. She only wants to be friends.

Suited to a quiet home or one that can be quiet for a week until she settles in. Gets on with most other dogs.

Although still thin, she is ready for her new home.

Call Dog Rescue South West.

Health checked and vaccinated/wormed bathed/mic/vd. $160IMG_20160223_090105


From a neglected home, Milo has bounced back and is now a delightful, affectionate, pretty Border Collie x Kelpi female aged 2 years.
Milo would suit a rural home or an active family. Not suited to spending every day alone while you work.
She has basic obedience, is friendly with other dogs and gets on with people.
She had a litter 2.5 months ago and her figure is slowly returning.
She is health checked, vaccinated and wormed , mic/vd.IMG_20160223_090817 DSC_0240 Fee.  $160

Xena This girl has found a new home.

Nice border/kelpi/labby x female aged 3-4 years.
Xena has an alert and positive nature/. Quick to learn and eager to please. She is used to a rural life. Good with people and happy to be with most other dogs. She has basic training and will sit, comes and walks ok on her lead
Health checked vaccinated, wormed flea treated. mc/vd
IMG_20160220_120811 IMG_20160220_120814


Drop dead gorgeous Mastif x Boxer 1.5 year old female.
A truly nice dog. Basic training. Good nature. Expressions of interest.
Sterilised, vacc’d micro’d $300                   IMG_20160220_115720 IMG_20160220_115903

Little black labby x

She arrived with the others and is now washed, fed and settling in well. Up for adoption soon.dog1 dog2

The new arrivals.

All bathed, wormed and fed. Ready to begin tomorrow. In time they will be happy and ready to find new families. DSC_0236 DSC_0239 DSC_0250

Still Alive!!!

Up at 4am. Fed farm animals and on the road by 5.30. Just arrived back to the kennels, 12.30 with 5 doggies, saved from the needle. Pic posted soon. All journeyed well and now resting and content. Awaiting a bath, flea treatment, worming, nail trim and once over health check. Then fed and bedded down for the night. Tomorrow their new lives beginstill

cheech aka Pongo

Great happy dog. 3 years old, bully bluey/dalmantion x Will chase a ball, play all day. Is responsive and very devoted. Good with most other dogs. May chase rabbits. Call to adopt or for info.IMG_20160114_093407 IMG_20160114_093442

Dusty Has just found a great new home.

Dusty is in urgent need of a new home.

Male 3 years old. Friendly boy with a playful nature, but a good watch dog. Big and solid, but a push over if you have a ball and LOVES his teddy.

Cross Ridgeback/Mastiff/Labby.

Will sit, is gentle with food and gets on with most other dogs, but can be dominant with some. Independent nature, will chase rabbits or roos when out,….if you allow it.

Sterilised and vaccinated, wormed, mc/vdIMG_20160114_093959

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