This very elegant girl is Faleen a 2 year old elkhound x bred.
Gentle and docile nature, she is obedient and only wants to please.
An medium sized dog who seems to get along with other dogs and is good with all people.
Faleen has basic lead work and will sit and come when called .

Health checked, vaccinated wormed deflead, micro’d vd. $180IMG_20150702_170652 IMG_20150702_170644


A very kind, sweet natured Staffy x girl with good manners and basic training in place.

Diesel is 2 years old and a larger than an English staffy at knee height,

Solid and stocky, she is a real cuddler and is good with all people. She gets along with other dogs and is suited to most homes. She will be interested in your pet rabbit though.
Adopt 280 vaccinated, health checked, wormed bathed.flead, micro’d  Sterilised  IMG_20150702_171034IMG_20150702_171320


Friendly and playful Boxer?Labrador x male aged 3 years.

Sterilised vacc’d wormed and gets on with most other dogs.

Ajay can be visited by calling us .IMG_20150626_091138 IMG_20150626_091113


Very vivacious, Boxer x female pup aged 10 weeks. Bonnie has a strong personality, is learning fast. She is tolerant of other dogs and quite social with people.

Vet checked vaccinated micro’d v/d wormed bathed. adoption 200

Call 0457671165IMG_20150626_090417 IMG_20150626_090354


Si, I am a good looking Staffy Senore and am sterilized vaccinated sormed micro’d.

Looking for a nice new home.


Adoption $280IMG_20150626_090604


Little English Staffy female, 4 years old, lovely obedient dog.

She would like to be homed with her daughter Ruby listed also. Adopt 280

Vet checked sterilized vacc’d micro’d IMG_20150626_090807 IMG_20150626_090847

Rescue Disco

IMG_20150624_160843_1CS English Staffy Female aged 2 years. Disco is a gentle and friendly dog. Well suited to an older home and would like to go with her mother Ruby so they can stay together.

Sterilised vaccinated micro’d wormed Adoption 280


Red Cloud female 1 year old. Very active and a real mate. Always by your side. Will follow you all over the farm.

Not very large, well behaved and suited to a rural or active lifestyle.

Not a child’s dog, although she is friendly with people. “Kelpi’ domInant with some other dogs, but mostly bluff.

ADOPT 180.

She is health checked and vaccinated, wormed and bathed micro?vdIMG_20150620_163239 IMG_20150620_163351

All 3 Happy and now in their new homes.

IMG_20150524_0853563 PUPS now have a brand new loving home to go to. Thanks.These little boys  and their ‘sis’ have being adopted today. Bounding and cheeky and ready for a long life.


IMG_20150516_110734 IMG_20150524_090605

This old couple has found a home

IMG_20150601_091847 IMG_20150601_091636_1CSIMG_20150523_165820 IMG_20150523_165442_1CS

A delightful couple, these two pure English Staffys are available to adopt TOGETHER.
She needs a strict ‘Jenny Craig” and little gentle walks. He is a bit fitter. An entertaining couple aged 10 years. Do you have somewhere that they can live?
She has a few fat lumps and a cherry eye, on eye drops and adores her gungy, chewed up ball. He is very easy going and adores her.IMG_20150523_165820



LOZI IS A LITTLE HAPY GO LUCKY PLAYFUL PUP. She is an exhuberant 4 months old Sharpei x heeler with so much to give a new family.
Very smart and capable of learning well, she will already sit, come when called and is mastering lead work. She will be a little larger than an English staffy when grown.
Lozi had a filthy home before coming into the Shelter. She will need her ear drops to continue for several weeks and a weekly medicated/tea tree shampoo for a while.
She is vaccinated and microchipped, wormed, bathed. Adoption $190


Trixie-This darling girl has found a new home!

Going off to her new home today was
Trixie a totally delightful little mature aged lady. Corgi x 5 years old. We all wanted to keep her!IMG_20150517_135218 IMG_20150517_133849


3 year old Kelpi x heeler female with a delightful, outgoing nature suited to an older family. A bit too kissy and playful for little people. Cherry is responsive, independent, a good watch dog and faithful companion. Not yet sterilised, may be in pup so available for adoption in a few weeks, when determined.

Vet checked micro’d  wormedIMG_20150513_095526 IMG_20150513_095519Adoption $180


Bugs is a 10 months old Staffy x mastiff and the clown of the shelter. A happy fun dog that loves people. He is good with most other dogs, doesn’t like to share his food just yet and is always grinning.
Vetr checked vaccinated micro’d wormed.IMG_20150509_150109 ADOPTiON 180IMG_20150509_150113


Another Blue Eyed Beauty, Tonto is a 2 year old Amstaff male with the sweetest nature. Suited to a quiet, gentle home, with an older family. Very giving dog who has sound basic obedience training.

Vet checked vaccinated wormed bathed deflead micro chipped Sterilised 200IMG_20150509_145808 IMG_20150509_145651




These beautiful blue eyes belong to Harry, a kelpi/border x Fox Terrier male aged 5 years,[Kelpi sized]
Harry is an affectionate dog in need of a sensitive home that likes to play tug and give him lots of snuggle time. In return you will have the most faithful dog around. He is suited to mature aged people/teenagers. A lot of fun to have around. Good off lead and will sit and come when called.

He has basic obedience training and is eager to please.
Vet checked vaccinated sterilised micro’d wormed Adoption 200IMG_20150509_145206 IMG_20150509_145212


Roger is a 2 year old mixed breed, good old fashioned dog. He is intelligent, fairly social with all other dogs and a nice ‘people’ dog. About the size of a labrador and possibly labby/bully .
He knows basic commands and is quite gentle for his size.
Health checked vaccinated wormed bathed deflead microchipped 180
LOCATED BUNBURY AREA $160 IMG_20150513_101613 IMG_20150513_101532